Shahadat Imam Muhammad Al Taqi Al Jawad (as)

The Shahadat Majlis of our Holy 9th Imam (sa) this Saturday 10th July 2021 will take place in the halls of the Sayyida Zainab (sa) building commencing at 8.30pm.

Registration is Mandatory for all those who would like to attend the programmes. This is open for both Ladies and Gents.

Gents can register under Gents Salaah and Ladies under Ladies Salaah.

Registration for each programme will open a day before until further notice. Please disregard any previous bookings and register via the link shared each time.

The registration for each programme will close once the quota has reached.

The doors to the halls will open 10mins before the programme commences.

Please note the link below to register:

No separate registration for Maghribayn salaah is required.
Attendees to the shahadat majlis will be automatically registered.

If you are unable to attend after registering, kindly email so that the place can be offered to someone else.

▪️ Bring your own prayer mat and Khake shafa/tasbih
▪️ Bring your own namaz chaador
▪️ Bring a Carrier bag for shoes
▪️ Do not bring any food items
▪️ There will be no Wudhu or toilet facilities
▪️ Masks MUST be worn at all times
▪️ Social distancing to be maintained at all times
▪️ Temperature will be taken by the Covid Marshalls at the entrance
▪️ After the programme you must leave the compound straight away
▪️ No waiting or crowding in the car park
▪️ Please follow the instructions given by the Covid Marshalls
▪️ Should you experience any Covid symptoms after registration, please do not attend.

Recommendations for those attending
▪️ Conduct regular lateral flows tests. These are available for free from most pharmacies. They can also be ordered from the following link:
▪️ Ensure you have had at least one dose of the Covid Vaccine

With Duas
Shahadat Imam Muhammad Al Taqi Al Jawad (as)