Lockdown 3.0 Part 2!

“I will be patient, till even patience tires of my patience” – Imam Ali (a.s)

You asked for it so we gave it to you! Al Hur Society and BAYN invite you all for the sequel to Lockdown 3.0! Joining us will be Qari Mohammed Ali, Berak Hussain, Wissam Bazzi and renowned Sheikh Nuru Mohamed.

Together we will explore how to manage our mental health, increase our spirituality whilst in lockdown and build on from the first instalment.

If you have any queries regarding the event or would like to pose a question for the speakers to cover during the event, please feel free to contact us through BAYN’s social media pages, or the Jamaat WhatsApp, or through contacting a BAYN representative.
Minhaal - 07572641225
Kulthum - 07475027553

Be sure not to miss us on *Saturday 13th March at 20:30 GMT* on:

Zoom - https://lnk.ksmnet.org/lockdown3v2

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/mehfilabbas
Lockdown 3.0 Part 2!