Understand and Appreciate Islamic Science

The CoEJ Islamic Cultural and Religious Affairs Committee (ICRA) is pleased to present this advanced course on Islamic Sciences.

Have you ever wanted to gain deeper academic knowledge of Islamic Sciences but never had the time to commit to Hawza? This interactive online course is designed to feed your academic appetite and provide you with knowledge from esteemed scholars on:

Quranic Sciences
Islamic Legal Theory
Duas and Ziarat
Philosophy, and
Each course module is made up of three lectures which will take place between 8pm-9pm GMT from Friday to Sunday, on successive weekends. The entire course is spread over ten weekends. You may select all or some of them to suit your interest and suitability.

The first Module (Quranic Sciences) is scheduled to take place from 22-24 January 2021 and will be taught by Sheikh Nuru.

For more details and to register, please visit: https://buff.ly/3no2QgT

Places are limited.
Understand and Appreciate Islamic Science