Employment Engagement Boa


Dear Community Members


The Economic Upliftment Sub-Committee of KSIMC of Birmingham is humbly requesting all Business Owners of the Community (Employers) to inform about all the Current Vacancies & future Vacancies either they have got in their own Companies or they are aware of to Sadiq Muraj (07709376946) via WhatsApp personal messages with their Names and Contact details. We the EUC are creating an EMPLOYMENT ENGAGEMENT BOARD on WhatsApp, where the Jobs will be posted and requesting all the Jobseekers of our Community to join the group, so they can find a suitable Job for themselves and their loved ones.

In this tough time, we all must be together to support each member of our Community to make their both ends meet, Financially and Emotionally, with dignity & respect.

The WhatsApp Joining link is as follows:


Thanking you all for your Support.

With kind regards.

Sadiq Muraj (Employment Engagement Advisor)

We Rise by Lifting Others