100-day Pledge: Kick start the process on following the WF Capital Projects Process, so we can raise money from other Jamaats around the world.
One of the key pledges that I made was to follow The World Federation’s Capital Projects process. This pledge was formalised with the passing of a motion at the AGM on 25th March 2012. The Capital Projects Process has the following objectives:
?- To ensure huqooq funds are spent responsibly  
?- To ensure there is due care and diligence when undertaking capital projects  
?- To ensure comprehensive needs analysis and feasibility of maintenance costs are done by Jamaats and regional federations before venturing in capital projects  
- To provide a framework for developing capital projects in the community globally

In order to kick start the process, I sent an email to the Council of European Jamaats, as well as arranging a meeting with Gulamabbas Kassam, the CoEJ Capital Projects assessor. The response from CoEJ:

Salaam Alaikum Br. Shaheed

Insha’Allah you are well.

Thank you for your email below.

Please find attached herewith Capital Projects paper for your information.

We have copied Br. Gulamabbas Kassam in this email who is our Capital Projects Risk Assessment Manager. Please liaise with him should you require assistance in completing the these.

In order for CoEJ to be able to approve any projects, it will require the submission of the completed Capital Project Proposal(attached). This proposal was approved and adopted by The World Federation of KSIMC. I attach herewith the Procedures for Funding Capital Projects within the remit of the World Federation of KSIMC.

Kindly visit the link below for further information. www.world-federation.org/Secretariat/Capital+Projects/

You will notice that this procedure requires your organisation to go through various elements and approvals before submitting the completed proposal to CoEJ.

We undertake that as soon as we have received the completed proposal, we shall table the proposal, if passed at the Executive Committee stage to the next Council Meeting. If approved by the Council, it will be immediately submitted to The World Federation of KSIMC for adoption and approval.

We can assure you that we will do everything within our capacity to assist you getting through the stages of approval.

With kind regards and Duas,

CoEJ Secretariat
The Council of European Jamaats
Registered Charity No in UK.1096111

Further to this email, I contacted Gulamabbas Kassam and sought his advice on how to go about approaching this task. He offered some very valuable advice and offered to meet the committee at the earliest opportunity. We have therefore arranged a meeting for 7th July.

In the meantime, we have already started following the process by drafting our project plan in the format required by The World Federation and also collecting the data that is required in order to make our case to CoEJ and The World Federation. If you would like to read more about this, please see here or alternatively email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..