Dear Community Members,

Salamun Alaykum

Following the planning approval on 04 February, the Building Committee has been working to put together plans to kick off the project. Prior to this time, we had made a conscious decision not to actively look for funds. Now that this project can begin, we shall be actively organising various fundraising drives.

For those of you who have not got standing order donations in place, I would like to request you to consider donating via this scheme using the attached donation form, whatever the amount. We are also completing The World Federation Capital Projects paper and hope to obtain the approval at their next Executive Council Meeting in May. This will allow us to raise money for our project for our member institutions globally.

In order to ensure we exercise prudence, particularly from a funding perspective, we are looking to structure this project into the following phases: -

  • Phase 1: Mezzanine Floor on the Seyyida Zainab (as) Building
  • Phase 2: Multi-Purpose Building (Including Sports Hall)
  • Phase 3A: Ghusl Kafan / Caretakers Flat
  • Phase 3B: Imambara and Mosque
  • Phase 4: Reception and External Works

The development of the Cave Site will be a commercial venture hence we shall be able to raise funds for this from the financial institutions.

We are also progressing with the Council on the acquisition of Prospect Place and shall look to address the parking conditions within the planning application as necessary.

Brothers and Sisters, we now need your full support in order to ensure this Project is a success. This may be in the form of your prayers, your generous donations, or your time through volunteering.

 Donation Form

With Salams and Duas

Shaheed Fazal.
Chair – Building Committee