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Ansaphone: 0121 440 0643
Saturday, 23 March 2019  
15. Rajab 1440

Upcoming Programs

Tomorrow being the 24th Day of Ramadhan, the program will commence at 7.15pm with Qur’ankhani. Du’a Tawassul will commence at 8.15pm followed by Du’a Iftitah, Muhammadi Madrasah Ambassador Speech, Lecture at 8.55pm, Announcements, Maghribayn Salaat at 9.44pm and Full Iftar Nyaz. Dua Jawshan al-Kabir will then be recited by Syed Mohammed Naqvi commencing at 11pm.

We are honoured to have with us tonight the Chief Superintendent Kenny Bell for the Birmingham east with us. Kenny has had 25 years’ service. Previously Head of CID and Counter Terrorism Unit he is Incredibly proud to serve alongside committed officers, keeping us safe.

Wedding Invitation

The Jamaat has received an invitation to attend the Nikah ceremony of Hasnain s/o Razahussein & Akila Datoo to Zainab d/o Murtaza & Sukaina Dhalla which will be held here in Mehfil-e-Abbas (as) on Sunday 9th July commencing at 3.30pm & ending with Walima Nyaz. All are requested to attend.


This year’s Itikaaf will be held from Thursday 22nd June to Saturday 24th June for males from the age of 18 years and above. For those between the ages of 16-18, in order to take part in this years Itikaaf, they will have to be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Please note that registration is required if you would like to participate. You can register using the link on the Jamaat website.

Secretariat Announcements 
Mahe Ramadhan Funds

As we all know, the Sawaab for all our deeds are multiplied 10 fold in this Holy Month of Ramadhan. All Ramadhan Funds are open. Mu’mineen are requested to please donate generously into the Alim Fund, the Ramadhan Relief Fund, the Quran Khani Fund & the Workshop Fund. Donations can be made at the Treasures desks in both ladies and gents.

Ask an Alim

Anyone who wishes to contact our Alim can do so by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Announcements and Sponsoring Majlis

Mu’mineen are kindly requested to note the following protocol for having announcements made. All announcements, including Marhumeen names for sponsoring a majlis, should be emailed to the email address, which is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., at least, 24 hours in advance. Please do not send emails to any other personal email addresses or send announcements via text message. Those without access to email can contact the Jamaat Office during office hours who will take down your request.

Sub-Committee Announcements
Economic Upliftment
  • The Economic Upliftment Committee requests all Community Members Gents and Ladies, Young and Old to come forward and join our Team to serve our community. In the Mubarak month of Mahe Ramadan every evening we recite the Du'a saying: “ALLAHUMMA AGNI KULLA FAQIR, ALLAHUMMA ASHBI' KULLI JAA'IN, ALLAHUMMAKSU KULLA URYAAN, ALLAHUMAKDHIE DAYN KULLI MADEEN”. This is a passive Du'a, if we want to do the active Du'a we have to support our community members to be self-sufficient and build a progressive and sustainable community.

  • To encourage inter community business and for the wealth of the community, the economic upliftment committee has initiated a drive to launch an online electronic business, profession and occupation directory at no cost to you. Please register your businesses, professions and occupations this evening at the desk outside in the car park by giving your name or just dropping your business card.
Welfare Committee
  • The welfare section of our community is offering help to those Mu’mineen who are facing financial hardship in this Holy month of Ramadhan. Kindly contact Mulla Gulamabbas Kassam in confidence.

  • The welfare sub-committee presents free advice, guidance and assistance relating to social services issues by qualified social workers in a confidential manner. To book an appointment or for further details please contact Shoukat Uncle Dahya, Hussain Uncle Fazal or Brother Hasnain Bandali.  
Children's Tabligh Committee

The Children's Tabligh Committee humbly request donations to help them meet some of the costs for the children's workshops which have got off to a great start. Donations can be made at the Treasury Desks or Jamaat Office quoting 'CTC-Workshops' as reference. Please donate generously! For Fatiha donations please get in touch with Sister Sukeina Tejani-Hemraj. The Committee are grateful for your support.

World-Federation & CoEJ Announcements:
HAJJ 2017

The European Hajj Company, in conjunction with The Council of European Jamaats, are proud to officially announce the launch of this year’s Hajj packages for 2017. We are fortunate to have two dates for you to choose from this year as follows:
Group 1 Hajj Departing on 18th August costing £4290
Group 2 Hajj Departure on 23rd August costing £4490
The Return Date will be 7th September.
We have the privilege of having Mulla Mohamed Kassamali who’ll be the English Speaker and Maulana Syed Kalbe Abbas in Urdu. For more information, and to download the application form, kindly visit www.eurohajjmission.org.



Jamaat Programme 1440AH


Twitter Updates

To Receive Twitter update via SMS please text follow ksimcb to 86444


General Feedback

The EC would like to encourage all members to give feedback on various aspects of the Jamaat.

Please email us with any ideas / suggestions / feedback you may have regarding programmes, future direction etc of the Jamaat.

Any comments are welcome.