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Saturday, 23 March 2019  
15. Rajab 1440

Upcoming Programs

Fajr Jamaat Salaat will be held every day during the Holy Month of Ramadhan at 2.55am.

The program tomorrow will commence at 7.20pm with Qur’ankhani followed by Dua Iftitah by Syed Mohamed Naqviat 8.25pm, Lecture at 8.55pm, Maghribain Salaat and Full Iftar Nyaz.

The lecture from tomorrow, Wednesday 29th June to Tuesday 5th July will be given by Syed Ali Naqvi.

Du’a Jawshan al-Kabeer by Syed Mohamed Naqvi will be recited on Thursday 30th June commencing at 11pm.

Car Parking facilities have been arranged at the St. Pauls School Grounds. Those Mumineen who wish to leave early or do not find a space elsewhere can use these facilities.

Al-Quds Day Rally

This year’s annual Al-Quds day rally in London will take place on Sunday 3rd July. Free transport is being arranged to leave Mehfil e Abbas at 11am sharp. To book your seat on the coach, please put your name and contact details on the lists that have been placed on the notice boards in the ladies and gents. 

Wedding Invitation

The Jamaat has received an invitation to attend the wedding of Akil s/o Marhum Alihusein & Zehrabanu Ibrahim to Zahra d/o Mahemuna & Abdulrasul M.A Fazel which will be held at the Zainabiya Islamic Centre, Milton Keynes, on Saturday 23rd July commencing at 4.30pm & ending with Walima Nyaz. 

Secretariat Announcements
Vacancy for the Post of Mukhi

The Jamaat is looking for someone to head our kitchen services formerly known as the Mukhi role. You will be responsible for the day to day kitchen responsibilities which includes Nyaz, Fateha & Tea. You will need to ensure that Nyaz & Fatiha throughout the year is prepared on time; this includes private functions as well. All those interested in applying for this role are requested to email the secretariat or contact brother Tawfiqali Jivraj or Sister Sajidah Sajan. The Deadline is Monday 4th July.

Jamaat Programs: Shawaal to Zilhajj

Sponsor a calendar page of the forthcoming Jamaat Programs of the months of Shawwal to Zilhajj for £25 and include two Marhumeen names. You can also advertise with the forthcoming Jamaat Programs. The costing is as follows: A4 colour: £200 and B&W: £150. For A5 colour: £120 and B&W: £60. Contact the office or email the Secretariat by Friday 24th June.

Mahe Ramadan Iftar Fund

The Mahe Ramadhan Iftar Nyaz Fund is open. Mu’mineen are requested to either reserve the nights they would like to sponsor Iftar Nyaz, or donate generously to the Iftar Nyaz Fund at the treasurer’s desks. 

Oldest Qur'an

One of the oldest Qur’an in the world was discovered to be in Birmingham and was exhibited at the University of Birmingham last year. It is currently on display in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery as part of the new Faith Gallery. Unfortunately, it will only be on display until 3rd August. It may not be on display in Birmingham for many forthcoming years. Therefore, this is the ideal opportunity to see it.

Announcements and Sponsoring Majlis

Mu’mineen are kindly requested to note the following protocol for having announcements made. All announcements, including Marhumeen names for sponsoring a majlis, should be emailed to the email address, which is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., at least, 24 hours in advance. Please do not send emails to any other personal email addresses or send announcements via text message. Those without access to email can contact the Jamaat Office during office hours who will take down your request.

Sub-committee Announcements
Muhammadi Madrasah Vacancies:

Muhammadi Madrasah is excited to announce several new positions that are open for recruitment for both the Saturday and Sunday streams of Madrasah. We cater for almost 350 students every week and cannot do this without our team of volunteers. The Administrative Department is currently recruiting for staff who can either attend on Madrasah days or contribute mid-week from home, to help with the running of the Madrasah. Our other departments Primary, Secondary and our GLC department are also looking for specific roles to be filled as soon as possible. There is a new dedicated area for vacancies on the Muhammadi Madrasah web page under the Admin menu via ksmnet.org. For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Khoja TV

The Executive Committee in conjunction with CoEJ are planning to launch Khoja TV in Birmingham. Khoja TV transmits Gujrati and Urdu Majlises, Nauhas, Marsiyya and Qasidas twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. There is a one-off cost for the equipment of £50 but we are trying to get sponsors to reduce the cost. Internet connection is a requirement for the transmission. Those who don't have an internet connection will be able to get assistance from volunteers to source the best deal. The EC is looking for volunteers to assist in this project. If you are interested, please give your names to either Brother Tawfiqali Jivraj or Sister Sajida Sajan. Those interested to sponsor towards the cost of the equipment should contact our President, Brother Gulamraza Datoo. For those interested to install Khoja TV at their homes should register at the Treasury desks in both Ladies and Gents. First preference will be given to those who are Elderly or Housebound.

Eid Announcements

The Eid team are putting up a special program that needs your participation! They would like you all to send in a short clip of yourselves with your families and your friend groups in a group wishing the community Eid Mubarak! The videos will be selected and collated for a special viewing during the Eid program. Please note: the video shouldn't be longer than 10 seconds, the video can be as creative as you like in wishing us all Eid Mubarak, once done, email it over to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The most creative video will receive a prize! For more information, please contact Brother Shabbir Abdulhussein or Sister Salima Merali

"The Marriage M.O.T - Sustaining your Spark"

The Me2We committee have organised an event entitled "The Marriage M.O.T - Sustaining your Spark" with Syed Ali Reza Naqvi on the 1st of July 2016 commencing at10.45pm. There will be an introductory talk by Syed Ali followed by a Question & Answer session. This event will be addressing issues such as sustaining your marriage over the years. All are encouraged to attend.

The BYOC Campaign

The Committee for Social Responsibility has launched the 'Bring Your Own Cup' or BYOC campaign to reduce our disposable waste and use of styrofoam. All are requested to support by bringing their own cups to the mosque, and other utensils too if possible.

Economic Upliftment

On these auspicious nights, The Economic Upliftment committee has the pleasure of announcing the launch of their Job Portal on www.economicupliftment.com. Businesses can advertise as many jobs as they want and receive CVs directly in your inbox. There is no restriction on the number of CVs you can receive per advert. This service is not restricted to our community only. The outside businesses can post free job adverts and receive CVs. If you are working in any organisation and your company is looking to recruit staff, you can choose to advertise on this portal. We plan to promote this portal on several networks including social media. As for the job applicants, anyone can apply for any job advertised on the portal. The advertiser will have the choice of selecting the best candidates suited to their business. 

Interfaith Committee

Following the success of recent interfaith events, the Jamaat is looking to form a team to help attend interfaith programmes, host interfaith groups at our centre and improve the relationship with the wider community. If anyone is interested in attending interfaith events or helping coordinate the team, please contact Sister Shenaz Sajan or Brother Kazim Sajan to be added to the interfaith mailing list. There is a host of opportunities to get involved, and your help will be greatly appreciated.


World Federation and CoEJ Announcements
Syrian Refugees

The refugees who have travelled hundreds of miles from war-torn Syria have arrived in Europe and are now at our doorstep. The Council of European Jamaats, in partnership with our community in Brussels, have opened a fund to help support these displaced refugees as they spend their first Mahe Ramadhan in Europe. We would be extremely grateful for your generous support. To donate, log on to the CoEJ website or see the screens for more details.

Annual Eid Card Competition

The Council of European Jamaats is once again organising its annual Eid Card Competition 2016, and this year by popular demand, we have separated the entries to two age groups: 5-8 years & 9-12 years. The competition is to create the front cover (must be hand drawn) and inside poem of the card for Eid al-Fitr 1437 AH. The deadline is on Sunday 3rd July. A winning prize will be given to the winner and runner-ups for both age groups. Only one entry is allowed per participant. To submit the Eid card entry please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Ramadan Relief Fund 1437

The Council of European Jamaats in Partnership with World Federation, AFED and NASIMCO are pleased to launch the Ramadan Relief Fund 1437. This annual campaign is a global initiative where the support of our Regions and Jamaats in raising funds is vital to its overall success in meeting the basic needs of so many struggling families during the month of Ramadan. Last Ramadan we raised and distributed $1.36 million US dollars in aid. Thank you very much for your incredible support of this campaign.

Camp CoEJ 2016

The Council of European Jamaats is proud to present Camp CoEJ 2016. Having built on the success of the camp in 2015, this year is looking to be bigger, better and more exciting than ever. As always, the Camp is for boys and girls in separate camps, aged 11-14 and will take place from 1st August to 10th August at Lodge Hill Centre, West Sussex. The cost of the camp is £499 per camper. This is a fantastic opportunity for your child to develop themselves to a whole new level and to come out from the camp as a well-rounded, confident individual. To register and for any additional information, please see the CoEJ website.

Youth Development Program

COEJ is planning to hold a Youth Development Program for both boys and girls aged between 18 and 24. The programme will be taking place on the 16th and 17th July. Please visit the COEJ website for more details. The deadline has been extended to 3rd July. For assistance with costs please contact the Secretary General, Tawfiq Jivraj.

Hajj 1437 AH

The European Hajj Mission are taking applications for Hajj 1437 AH. The main objective of The European Hajj Mission is to facilitate and organise all aspects of Hajj. Dedicated volunteers with a wealth of experience accompany the group and serve Hujjaj throughout this Holy Journey. The dates for Hajj this year are from 26th August to 16th September at a cost of approximately £3,895. This covers the total Hajj programme which includes accommodation, outside Ziyaraat in Madinah and Makkah and Qurbani. Application forms are available at the treasurer’s desk or can be downloaded from www.eurohajjmission.org.



Jamaat Programme 1440AH


Twitter Updates

To Receive Twitter update via SMS please text follow ksimcb to 86444


General Feedback

The EC would like to encourage all members to give feedback on various aspects of the Jamaat.

Please email us with any ideas / suggestions / feedback you may have regarding programmes, future direction etc of the Jamaat.

Any comments are welcome.