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Saturday, 31 October 2020  
13. Rabi-ul-Awwal 1442

The following individuals are responsible for handling any complaints/ grievances.

Complaints/ Grievance Administrator: Secretary General of the Community

Responsible Person: President of the Community

All correspondence and any notes should be kept confidential in our Complaints/ Grievance folder.

In the event of any complaints/grievances, the following procedures will be followed:

  1. A Complaint/ Grievance must be made NO LATER THAN Three (3) MONTHS after the date on which the matter (which is the subject of the complaint/ grievance) occurred, or if later, the date on which the matter came to the notice of the Individual. 
  2. If a verbal Complaint/ Grievance is made and is resolved to the Individual’s satisfaction no later than the NEXT WORKING DAY, it does NOT require a written complaint record.
  3. The Individual should be asked to write to the Administrator with the nature of the complaint, proof of any evidences(if necessary) as well as giving his full details(Name, address, email and contact number) and  if NOT resolved within the next working day.
  4. An acknowledgement letter for the Complaint/ Grievance should be sent within THREE (3) WORKING DAYS explaining:
    • How the matter will be dealt with,
    • An approximate time scale when the investigation is likely to be completed.
    • And when the final response is likely to be sent to the individual. 
  5. Complaint/ Grievance should be investigated by the Complaints/ Grievance Administrator.
  6. The Administrator should then bring the Complaint/ Grievance to the attention of the Executive Committee who will decide on the actions. If the Complaint / Grievance is against an Executive Committee member, the member can give their version and then should walk out of the meeting to allow for a decision to take place by the remaining members.
  7. A response letter should be sent as soon as possible and should not exceed TWENTY EIGHT (28) DAYS. In the response letter: 
    1. The Individual should be informed of the findings of the investigations and any actions taken or implemented.
    2. The Individual should be informed of how the Complaint/ Grievance could be taken forward to the Dispute Resolution Team (which will be the Custodian Trustees) if the Individual is not happy/ satisfied with the response/ actions taken. If the Complaint / Grievance is against a Custodian Trustee, the Trustee can give their version and then should walk out of the meeting to allow for a decision to take place by the remaining members.
    3. Should be signed by the Responsible person.
  8. The Individual should be given a deadline of FOURTEEN (14) DAYS to respond, if not happy with the response/ actions.
  9. The Individual should inform the Complaints Administrator of the decision to take the issue forward after which the Complaints Administrator will organise a meeting between THE INDIVIDUAL, DISPUTE RESOLUTION TEAM AND HIMSELF.
  10. The meetings should be held within TWENTY EIGHT (28) DAYS and the Dispute Resolution Team should be given FOURTEEN (14) DAYS to decide on their response/ actions. Their decision will be final.

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